We want to be seen as a credible, quality-focused and development-oriented company.


We want to create original and high-quality designer furniture that matches our customers' needs and demands.

CSR strategy - a strategy for sustainability.

Magnus Olesen takes the environment and working conditions seriously. Therefore, the company has developed its own prominent CSR strategy.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy is inspired by classic Danish furniture designers who, in addition to their pioneering design, also had views on the creative process.

For example, Børge Mogensen's goal was to create industrially-manufactured quality furniture for the Danes based on Danish wood species such as beech and oak.

Equally, it is the goal of Magnus Olesen to manufacture quality furniture industrially based on readily available raw materials. Production takes place at our own factory, where raw materials or semi-finished products are transformed into chairs, tables and conference furniture.

While a number of manufacturers have outsourced production to low-wage countries, we believe in good Danish craftsmanship. Since 1937, Magnus Olesen's products have been produced in Denmark. All our products are tested in accordance with the strictest environmental and quality standards. The high quality requirements guarantee products with an extremely long life, for the benefit of both users and the environment.

Production, which is based in our own factory in Durup, involves wood processing and the finishing of furniture.

When buying semi-finished products, we make sure that our suppliers comply with our procurement rules with respect to production, the environment and employee relations.

Since 1990, Magnus Olesen has developed Green Accounts, which we use to measure environmental impact. In 2011, we set ourselves a realistic target to reduce our environmental impact by a further 10%.

Production must take place under optimum production conditions. We at Magnus Olesen have decided to take responsibility ourselves for most of the production process so that, amongst other things, we are able to ensure optimum conditions for the employees involved. The average length of an MO employee's service is 15 years and average sickness absence is 1.1%.

The high quality of Magnus Olesen's products means extremely long product life. Most chairs are therefore sent back to the factory for reupholstering and are returned almost as good as new to satisfied customers.